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Conquer the Bridge

About one year ago a good friend of mine (Hi Amy!) competed in the Conquer the Bridge run. I was proud of her for taking on a challenge like this, and it actually inspired me to push myself farther as a runner.

I had seen some postings for this year’s version of the run, and I signed up for it a few weeks ago. I kicked up the training for the run by increasing my runs in the morning. I thought I had prepared well enough for the run. Boy was I wrong….

My last run prior to the event today was a 7 mile run. I knew that the distance of the run would not be an issue. That turned out to be correct. What I did not expect was the beast of an incline on the bridge. I made it up fine on the first trip which was east bound towards Terminal Island. The trip back headed into San Pedro was a killer.

Overall I finished the race in 1 hour 2 minutes, which is off of my normal mile pace, but those inclines really cut into a normal pace.

It was great seeing Amy there and I look forward to next year’s run on Labor Day.



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Megan’s Wings 5k

So, I decided to run another competitive race, but I have started to think that for the next few months I will concentrate on 5k or 10k distances. Mostly, I will look for 5k distance races, so that I can start to build up endurance and work on lowering my time on the 5k distance.

I have been speaking about this run at the office, and arranged for one of my friends at work to be the “official photographer”. However, she was unable to make it as she had another appointment on Saturday morning.

I had some very good workouts last week preparing for the run on Saturday. But, I made the decision to not run at all on Friday prior to the race and use it as a rest day. Looking back, I will at least do some type if short run the day before the race as a way to keep my rhythm up and not have tight legs for the first 3k.

I left the house at 7 am and drove to Upland. Great part about this race is that it is so close to home. I arrived in Upland around 7:30 and was shocked to see so many cars parked on the local streets. It looked as though this was going to turn out to a good event. This is the 7th year that they are putting on this race, and I wish I was running in previous years so that I could have taken part in it.

As. Have started to get my act together, I had pre-registered for the race, and I wandered over to the pre-registration tables to pick up my bib.

Once I picked up my bib, I went over and grabbed the t-shirt that they provided. Very nice t-shirt, but with the sun poking out through the fog it was warming up. I decided to take the t-shirt off and drop it off at the car, which was parked one block away. Prior to that, I took this picture of the bib and the t-shirt.

The race was scheduled to start at 8:30, so I headed over for some of the free food. I grabbed half a bagel with cream cheese, and half a banana. This was an improvement over my 10k attempt a few weeks ago, as I did not eat anything prior to that race. At 8:00 they had a 1k race for all of the kids there. It was great to see so many kids out there early in the morning to support a great cause like Megan’s Wings. Some of those kids flew around the course, and all for the adults were cheering on the kids as they approached the finish line.

Right before the race, I snapped off this picture here, as I did not have the “official photographer”. As a result, the photo and angle is really great.

The race went off at 8:30 and my pace was pretty good for the first quarter mile. Then I realized that the first mile was virtually uphill. I was pleased as I made it all the way up that first without much issue, and my pace was pretty good. I turned the corner and the next three quarters of a mile was relatively flat road. I probably should have picked up the pace a bit here, but my ultimate goal was to keep a steady pace and finish the race. I continued to take sips of the Gatorade G2 that I brought with me. I turned the corner for the downhill portion of the race and noticed that I was not really moving very fast. Finally, the last turn came and I was surprised that I could not see the finish line immediately. Finally after a few hundred feet, I saw the balloon arch which was the finish line. I kept up the pace and pushed through.

Overall, I came in 19th place for males in my age group. I felt good about this, as this was only my second competitive race, and I only started running again about 6 weeks ago.

Here is the last picture I took, which shows a photo montage to Megan. Overall this was a great run, a great cause and I will look forward to taking part in it in the future.

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For all the friends and family with cancer

So, as I have started to run again on a more consistent basis, I told Libra that I was looking to run in actual events.  There is something about running with others that is just missing when I run each morning.

I have been spending time on the internet recently looking for competative runs in Southern California, and there are a few coming up that look very promising.  While surfing the web on Saturday, I happened to see that there was an event today (Sunday) in Studio City.  And, on top of the fact that I can attend the run it is to benefit a great cause.  I made sure to get up early today, and drove there.  I arrived about 30 minutes prior to the start of the festivities, and this gave me enough time to register for the event.  Only downfall was not getting anything to eat, as my energy was struggling slightly during the race.

I was definetly attracted to the race due to the three members of my family, Libra’s family, and Moniza’s family that have lost their battles with cancer and have passed away.  We cannot bring them back, but we can remember them, and attempt to look to help in the effort to find cures.

Sky was overcast, and great temperature for the race (70 degrees at the start).  Run was not too bad, although there are some unique ways that this organization calculates the distance for a 10 km race.  We had gotten to about 5.79 miles, and all of us were told that we needed to run another .75 miles prior to turning to the finish.  This seemed to be the only snafu, as I think they got confused between the people running the 5 km and the people running the 10 km.

Run was great.  Got some decent goodies after the race was over.

This run benefits a great cause and I will look to add this to my schedule of future runs.

If you would like to donate to the coalition, please just click here.

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