A blog dedicated to my passion for cooking, baking and the holidays. I’ll be reviewing recipes, posting pictures of the items made, and looking for feedback from my friends and family.

I am a CPOE Analyst for a health system which provides me the ability to interact with hundreds of co-workers who act as my sous chefs.

Since I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2009, I have lost 60 pounds. My secret (given the fact that I love to bake) is that I generally do not eat what I cook. I will have one of whatever, but the remainder of what I bake is taken by my wife or myself to pour places of work, and shared with our co-workers.


3 responses to “About

  1. Shannon Cook

    I love that you have your own blog Mark!! That is amazing!! Looks great so far ;-D I miss you!!

  2. Thanks Shannon!

    We all miss you as well.

  3. letty

    The mini cup cake that you gave me was DELISH! I couldn’t belive that you had baked them. by the way it’s Letty form QVC xray.

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